Various Marketplaces

Yesterday, I submitted MyApp Channel to four app stores: Appia, Mobiles24, SlideMe, and Mobango.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any download numbers to share at the moment because all of the app stores have a rather lengthy approval process. So, in lieu of the actually numbers, here are some thoughts about submitting to the different stores:

1) It takes a lot more time to submit the apps, then I originally though it would take. I had intended on submitting it to more than those four, but registering for each site, validating, uploading, resizing images, and whatnot takes a lot of time. Some sites were quicker than others, but in general a slow process.
2) I had not expected each site to have an approval process for apps that are submitted. So far, SlideMe is the only store that has approved MyApp Channel. But I guess it is best to submit early if you have a planned launch date.

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