Steps to Take

What steps will I take to promote MyApp Channel?

1) Obviously no one can download something that is not yet available, so the first step I took was to release the app. Now, it probably its a good idea to promote your app before it is released, and there are a lot of ways to do this. However, for the purpose of tracking the progress of different post-release promotions it is best to start with a clean slate. Had I heavily promoted MyApp Channel prior its release I can confidently say that more than 0 people would have downloaded, or at least no fewer would have.

But I have completed the first step, and into the wild MyApp Channel has been released. At this point it seems to have been lost in the shuffle. I guess this blog will track my progress in getting others to give it a try.

Other steps I plan on taking (in no particular order)

2) Submit an article about the App to different article submitting sites like Reddit.
3) Purchase some paid ads through admob
4) Promote the app to friends on Facebook or Google+
5) Release updates with improvements
6) Release MyApp Channel to multiple marketplaces

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