Sales Predictions

I am going to wait until Monday to analyze the first weekend sales. Before I do, I want to make some realistic predictions on how I think the sales will do on the three platforms. I have avoided any peeking at the sales numbers so that I can accurately test my predictions.

For the XBox, I am guessing that my first weekend will net about 50 sales. The first weekend sales are usually pretty high because of the good position in the marketplace. Obviously being near the front of the “New” category will draw more eyes. However, I am uncertain about the reception of PoKA. I have avoided looking at sales numbers, so I am uncertain what the Sales/Trials ratio will look like.

For the PC, I am predicting one sale…¬†Unfortunately, PoKA is currently only available as “In Progress” on, so it does not have the exposure it might get in the future when it appears on other marketplaces. I am also predicting one sale since I know someone who purchased it… my mom.

For Android, I am predicting zero sales. From past experience, I know that it is difficult to get Android users to buy games since there are so many free-to-play options out there.