Promotion Strategy

Throughout this blog I will track, as best as I can, the impact different marketing techniques have on the popularity of an app. Two days ago, I released an app and so far, 0 installs that were not directly initiated by me. While this is disappointed and embarrassing, it does offer an interesting opportunity to examine the impact of different strategies at publicizing an app.

There is helpful feedback on stackoverflow on how to promote your app, however, I want to take it a step further and track the impact of different promotion strategies.

There are of course limitations to this exercise, mainly, the quality of the app itself. A great app when promoted, should see higher result than a lower quality app. However, whatever the quality of app, being that the app is free, there should be some noticeable impact from the promotions.

I hope that this will allow other small developers to use their limited resources and time wisely so that they may compete with the larger development teams.

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