Going Forward

As previously mentioned, the opening weekend sales numbers were lower than expected. However, there may be ways of improving those numbers going forward. In this article we will look at the expected positive and negative results of those possibilities:

The Idea: Contact the Press
Positive: The old saying is that any press is good press. Even the worst possible review will bring more attention to the game.
Negative: The press is inundated with all kinds of games, especially Indie games.
Conclusion: I will continue to reach out to the press, however, major press coverage is highly unlikely. I have already reached out to about 10 sites, but have only received one response. Hopefully, some of the smaller blogs that cover Indie games will find time to review/cover the game.

The Idea: Advertise PoKA
Positive: Reach out to a larger audience.
Negative: Will cost more money than it will bring in.
Conclusion: Definitely will avoid online marketing. My past experiences with Admob and Adwords for other projects has not shown positive results.

The Idea: Release on more markets
Positive: More markets means more visibility, and more opportunity for people to buy the game. Smaller
Negative: It can be time consuming to bring the game to new marketplaces. Each marketplace has its only screening process and
Conclusion: I will attempt to bring PoKA to more Android and PC marketplaces. My past experience with The Play Store is generally terrible, but other smaller marketplaces have shown the ability to drive my downloads better. I don’t have any past experience with the multiple PC markets, however, based on my limited experience in the past week it seems that the PC markets make it more of an involved process with a high risk of your game not being accepted.

The Idea: Make major improvements to the game
Positive: Improvements in art/sound/gameplay should help improve the trial to sale ratio.
Negative: Incredibly time consuming and the game has already made first impression on many gamers.
Conclusion: At this point, while there may be updates to the game, any improvements will likely go unnoticed since there is no fan base for the game. Major effort is probably better spent on a new project.

The Idea: Release the source
Positive: Becoming an open source project may increase the interest in the project.
Negative: There is no incentive to purchase the game. There’s already a lot of open source software for people to play with. Would need to spend a lot of time commenting code to make it somewhat readable by others.
Conclusion: I have been toying with the idea of going open source with some of my Android applications to see if this drive usage up. If I see a rise in usage in those apps I will be more inclined to do so in this app.