First Weekend’s Sales Numbers

I now have the first weekend’s sales numbers. The XBox sales numbers take about 3 days or so to update, that is something I need to keep in mind as I am monitoring the progress.

Unfortunately, even my conservative sales predictions missed the mark. This is largely due to the very poor conversion (Trials to Sales) rate for the game on XBox. The numbers are as follows:

XBox: 11
PC: 1
Android: 2 (both from Amazon’s App Store)

Obviously, these numbers are rather disappointing. The PC and Android numbers were expected in my sales predictions articles, and actually Android is higher than the 0 I had predicted. However, the very low conversion rate on the XBox is surprising. The customer rating that the game has received on XBox hovers around 3 stars, which I suppose is on the low end of average. What is annoying about this rating is that there are have been about double the reviews as there by been sales. This apparently means that a lot of the reviews have come from people who have only played the demo or have not even played the game at all. The people who have not spent more than 8 minutes with the game and did not purchase the game are obviously going to be giving the game poor reviews.

There is no function for developers to see the distribution of ratings, i.e. how many people gave 5 stars and how many gave 1 star. Since the conversion rate is so low, it appears that the demo gives people a bad impression of the game. So the people rating based on only the demo or even only the screenshots are people who will give 1 or maybe 2 stars. These ratings appear to be somewhat balanced out by people who have bought the game and are giving 4 or 5 stars. Of course, the above hypothesis is based only on pure speculation.

However these numbers, while annoying, should not be the end of the analysis of which version of Path of King Arthur will succeed. One, it is still very early and there are still a not of things that can be done to attempt to improve the sales numbers. Two, the game is still not widely available, especially on the PC. While getting out of the gate fast would have been nice, it does not