Another Update + Users Hate Logging In

In my continued effort to release weekly updates to MyApp Channel, another update is ready!

In this update, I am applying some basic knowledge I have learned. Users hate signing up and logging in. As a mobile developer I needed to make the sharing process easier. So logging in has been eliminated in this update. Users don’t have to worry about creating an account, thinking of a password, or giving away their email. Now users can just name their channel!

For a numbers update before releasing the update:
Android Market: 55
SlideMe: 561
Appia: 191
Mobiles24: 86
Mobango: 99
Amazon Market: Not yet published
Opera Mobile Market a/k/a Handster: 0 1
Onlyandroid: Waiting approval to join
GetJar: Not yet published
Appoke: 0

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